Monday, July 20, 2009

Weekend Review Days 215 & 216, 100% Fruitarian

Weekend Review of Days 215 & 216, 100% Fruitarian. The weekend was good. i ate well (although alas, no durian), i had a good workout on sunday but didn't play any basketball. i decided to just lounge. As far as the workout i did a medley of chins, pushups, dips and tricep presses on sunday for 4 sets. Ended up doing 48 chins, 120 pushups, 38 dips and 40 tricep presses. That was a nice workout. i have been taking it easy on my legs over the last couple of weeks but i would like to get back into my one-leg squats. Spoke to a brother in Christ this weekend who was once into gymnastics. He pretty much confirmed what i already know. My inability to do both handstand pushups and muscle-ups are more about technique than strength. He gave me some tips which i intend to practice in my pursuit of these. Walmart had a great deal on nice size watermelons which were actually deep red inside. i enjoyed that. i also enjoyed sandwiches made from romaine, almond pate and tomatoes. Of course i also had my peanuts.

i am feeling great and still have excellent energy. Just flowing along (even in the midst of trying times). Grace is a beautiful thing. Peace is a tremendous gift.

Grace and Peace be multiplied.


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