Friday, July 17, 2009

Thursday, Day 213 100% Fruitarian.

Thursday, Day 213, 100% Fruitarian. Its been 7 months now. Overall, this journey has been among the greatest blessings of my life. Not always easy, but always very rewarding. i know there is still much more to learn, to grow into and to experience. My weight is now 185lbs. It was 177lbs about 2 weeks ago (prior to my blunder with the salty olives). i am definitely much more muscular now than i was at the beginning of this journey. Why i ever left bodyweight exercises for free-weights is beyond me. The bodyweight exercises are totally blessing me. i am so into them now. i cannot discount the fact that the fruitarian diet probably has alot to do with that. i have been so busy this week that i have not had time to blog. i have been eating lots of juicy, sweet fruits with the peanuts. i ran monday, tuesday i did 470 pushups and yesterday i ran again (3 miles) and did 63 chins when done. i am running the 3 miles faster and faster (not really pushing it, but my body wanting it). The thing about Tuesday and the pushups is, i did 250 in 15 minutes in the morning, then after a very busy day, i did 22o in 15 minutes in the evening. i love efficiency in my workouts (just a thing with me). People have suggested i post a shirtless photo and i admit i have been tempted to do that. But that would bring glory to me and not my Lord Christ. This is all about Him.

Here is how my day went today:

Half a watermelon, 1/3 cup of peanuts (934 calories).

snack: 4 bananas. (420 calories)

5 clementines, 5 bananas, 1/3 cup of peanuts. (928 calories).

lettuce leaf sandwiches, consisting of lettuce leaf (both romaine and some iceburg), 2 delicious bright red, juicy, large tomatoes (sliced), and almond pate (spread over the lettuce). i had about 8 of these sandwiches. Followed by, 3 mangos and 2 bananas. (1092 calories).

90 minutes of basketball, 100 chins, 30 tricep presses.

Grace and peace be multiplied.


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