Thursday, June 11, 2009

Day 177, 100% Raw Fruitarian

Wednesday, Day 177, 100% Raw Fruitarian. i felt great today. Very fit physically. i ate some lettuce today (yuck). i mean, i have nothing against lettuce, but after all these months, it wasn't very appealing at all. i actually had no choice because our fridge is on the blink and the freezer is working but the regular part is not. We lost 2 heads of lettuce and other things started going bad. My family had some leftover salad (which included lettuce) that had tomato, cucumber and black olives in it. Without the fridge, it also would go to waste. i hate to waste food, especially produce. So i plucked out all the olives (no salt please), and added a fresh tomato. Then topped it with some of my pate and ate it with dinner. It was just "ok" at best. i ate alot of fruit with dinner which was far more satisfying to me at this stage.

i had a very good workout today. After working out for many years i find the more efficient i can make the workout, the better for me. When i lifted weights, i would be at it for over 90 minutes to two hours at a workout. Alot of that was resting between sets. Today, that seems like a crazy waste of time to me. Now i like to keep my workouts under an hour (under 45 minutes mostly). Many times i get an excellent workout in about 20 minutes. If i am doing cardio (like jogging), i usually go a distance that takes me an hour or less. This works well for me in that i avoid injury and overtraining (which has plagued me in the past). Pulling a muscle or over-training your body can set you back weeks or even worse. So far, during this journey, i have had no such problems.

My wife and i were discussing a subject of conversation i had recently with a Baptist youth pastor. He was a very nice and sincere young man. He told me his main mission was to reach the "unchurched". Of course, that meant he wanted to make them "churched". i told the young man, my mission was to LIVE Christ, that others may see it and follow Him. i hope he got the point. i am finding many people who claim Christianity as their faith, placing their trust in their "church". If its Christianity, then the trust should be in Christ and Christ alone. Yesterday i met a nice elderly couple in the course of the day, they pretty much said the same thing about their "church".....sometimes i think people should not call their belief Christianity but "churchianity". To each his own i suppose. Anyways, here is how the days meals went:

Half a watermelon (678 calories)

4 valencia oranges. (237 calories).

tomato-cucumber salad with pate. (584 calories).

3 mangos, 6 valencia oranges, one banana, salad with lettuce and pate. (1376 calories).

25 minutes.....250 pushups.....50 one leg squats each leg.

Grace and Peace be multiplied.

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