Friday, May 15, 2009

Day 151, 100% Raw Fruitarian.

Friday, Day 151, 100% Raw Fruitarian. Very good day today. My dad offered and gave me some financial assistance. i only started talking to him about 2 weeks ago after over 5 years! Just for some perspective, my home was several months behind on the mortgage and facing foreclosure. Bank people taking pictures in preparation, knocking on my door and warning me. Last week while i was in a parking lot a 300lb+ man opened my car door and attempted to pull me out of the car and take my keys. It was a repo man, he wasn't successful. It hasn't been exactly a fun year, but i know there are people in much worse situations. Like having lost their job and their home. So i am thankful for where i am. These were a few of the challenges i have been facing this year. Today, my dad (Lord bless him) called me to let me know he took care of all of it. What a wonderful God i serve! i also had a terrific workout this morning. Wednesday i focused on pull-ups and legs, today it was chin-ups and pushups. Its like i am discovering bodyweight exercise for the first time, although i have done it for years (on and off). i ate very well today. Here are today's meals and activities..

Half a watermelon, one mango, one avocado (1101 calories)

Large slice of watermelon, one banana...(277 calories)

Non-sweet fruity salad with two large tomatoes, two large english cuke, one avocado, one very large banana, one mango.....half a box of Durian. (1082 calories)

2 valencia oranges, 3 mangos (522 calories).

Exercise: set the clock for 30 minutes. did 110 chinups and 200 pushups. Excellent workout.

Have a wonderful Weekend!!

Grace and Peace be multiplied.

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