Friday, May 15, 2009

Day 150, 100% Raw Fruitarian

Thursday, Day 150, 100% Raw Fruitarian. Well, today marks 5 months as a fruitarian. At this point, i am really feeling fantastic. i think i am definitely approaching the best shape of my life. The best shape of my life was probably when i was about 21. i am not quite there yet, but i am rapidly approaching it for sure. i also have noticed one strange situation. For about the last three weeks, i have not had to use deodorant. No funky smell was eminating from my armpits. Until last weekend. i was feeling a detox episode as i was alittle tired, a cold sore showed on my lip and suddenly, i was very funky. It got so bad i had to reach for the deodorant so as not to offend. The strange thing was, it was not because of exercise, i was just sitting by the computer when it just started coming out. i know it was a detox thing. My weight these days is in the high 170's. My wife keeps mentioning how i am disappearing, i just tell her to i feel very energetic. i was so sore today. My back muscles and leg muscles from yesterday's workout. It was great. i love that feeling because i know i reached the muscles very well. Being careful not to injure myself and suffer a setback, i rested today. My food was low so my caloric intake was about half what it should be. But thats alright as i will be getting a good haul tomorrow by God's Grace.

Today's menu was:

Half a watermelon, one mango (812 calories)

Non-sweet salad with 2 tomatoes, 2 cukes, one avocado, one mango (556 calories)

one medium sized red tomato (22 calories)

Exercise: none

Grace and Peace be multiplied.

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