Friday, April 24, 2009

Day 130, 100% Raw Fruitarian.

Friday, Day 130, 100% Raw Fruitarian. My soul is totally rejoicing in the power of my Saviours love today. i made the phone call that the Lord showed me i had to make. i prayed much over it. This one was to my father. i had not seen him in over 6 years. i have not spoken to him either. i had so much pent up anger and resentment that i always thought if i called him it would spill out. i knew that was not what my Lord wanted from me. i dialed that phone very nervously i tell you. When he came on, he was so.......nice. So humble and so wanted reconciliation. We had the nicest conversation i think we ever had. He spoke of regret, of wanting to be able to move on. i listened. Then at the end of our conversation he said "Todd, please keep in touch with me, please don't let this happen to us again".....that broke my heart. All the anger was gone. i loved him. i didn't cry on the phone, but the tears flowed like a river afterwards. i had to go to a couple of stores and pick up some supplies and i kept my shades on the whole time. People looked at me strange as i had my shades in the stores, but every time i thought of that last statement, i could not help it, the tears would flow. i didn't want everyone to think i was crazy or distraught or something. Oh, i am so happy! i know that only Heaven could have arranged such a thing. Only Christ could have taken away all that was welled up in me. i never thought i would ever be programming my dad's number in my cell phone...........but i did. i didn't eat alot today. Food was not on my mind. Many of you understand what i mean when i say that. It was one of those type of days. As i look on my caloric intake it appears i was starving myself, but it wasn't intentional. All i kept thinking about was those last

i had alot of physical activity today though. i mowed my lawn for 3 hours. 3 hours pushing a mower is good exercise. i also played basketball with my son today. The web site i log my intake on says i should have taken in 4400 calories today, but i took in about a third of that. i am sure that will not be an everyday occurance.

Here are today's meals:
32oz smoothie. It was awhile since i had a smoothie. We had some pears that no one was going to eat. i myself am not feeling pears right now, i think its because they are a fall fruit and we are in the spring. So i had three of them, i juiced them along with a plum and alitte bit of pineapple and placed them in the blender with two bananas and some raisins. Not bad. i also ate some pineapple while i was doing it. (828 calories).

One half of a large watermelon (678 calories)

2 navel oranges, 3 roma tomatoes. (171 calories).

3 hours of lawn mowing. 90 minutes of basketball.

Have a great weekend!

Grace and Peace be multiplied.


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