Monday, March 2, 2009

Day of the Whole Durian!

Sunday, Day 76, 100% Fruitarian. i have been in tremendous trial and pressure lately. But this weekend was more than a nice respite from it. While it wasn't was like a mini-vacation. A getaway that refreshed mind, body and spirit. It was beautiful and no coincidentally, it was filled with Fruit . Today i received the most wonderful phone call. It was from the owner of our local asian market. He was telling me they had just gotten in whole durian! It was snowing here today (i think we got 3-4 inches which is alot in my neck of the woods) but i jumped in my car and got down there. I got an 8 pounder. The mistake i made was two fold. First, i bought the frozen pods last night, if i had waited until today i could have had two whole durians instead of one. Secondly, i ate zucchini spaghetti and non-sweet fruity salad prior to the durian. i was only able to eat half my durian and i was stuffed. Oh what a wonderful thing to have too much fruit!

i went food shopping today. i usually go food shopping on friday morning. i hate crowds and i can avoid them at that time. But circumstance caused me to be out there today. What a madhouse it is! But what i noticed was how worried, sad and worn the people generally look. i don't know if its this recession or just the times in which we live. Its probably both. i was watching them, feeling sad for them and at the same time thankful that i have One that i can place all my cares on and He provides for me. As He did this past week and weekend. i also saw the things they were buying to eat. Sodas, white bread, chips, candies, lots of flesh and other things. i remembered that, this once represented me. i was thankful, very thankful for the grace that delivered me from that. i may not have much money, but money cannot buy health and it cannot give peace.

Well, enough of all that. i again, ate like a king (pig) today. i was able to get more watermelons on sale. Along with other fruits i purchased like honey tangerines, oranges, mangos, cantaloupes and of course the beloved Durian

Breakfast:one whole watermelon, one-half of one durian pod

Dinner:Bowl of zucchini spaghatti with one avocado and one tomato. Bowl of non-sweet fruity salad both with plantain-mango sauce.

About the avocado, just when i was trying to not have so many, i realized we have too many in the house! so many, in fact that some of them are starting to go bad. i will never allow fruit to be wasted. So my wife had one, my daughter had one and i had one. i am hoping that between tomorrow and tuesday we can lower the inventory.

After that i ate the durian. i ate half of it. My wife had her fill of the pods from last night as did my daughter. Opening it was Having seen so many youtube demonstrations i felt like a pro. It was so rich and cremey. Totally sweet and delicous. It didn't even smell (my son was vocal about his concerns in this area and he had to admit he didn't smell anything). i am not sure why. It came up from Florida, so its not like it had to travel very far. Whatever. i will have more for breakfast. Too much fruit on hand to

Too busy shopping today so that i didnt exercise again. i will catch up.

Having such a blessed, fruity time this weekend. Hope you had a wonderful weekend.

Grace and Peace be multiplied.


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