Sunday, March 1, 2009

Wonderful Fruit-filled Weekend of Witnessing

Saturday, Day 75 100% Fruitarian. What a wonderful weekend i have had! To think its only half over. Yesterday we received enough donations from our ministry to really stock up well on delicious, sweet fruits. i was so happy! The Raw Potluck went fantastic today. There were a total of six guests, none of them raw, three of them just getting into veganism. Of the others, to say they had reservations is an understatement. Two of them were openly discussing how much they love pork. By the end of the day, they were raving about the food and asking for recipes. They were asking all types of questions. We spoke on many spiritual things and issues of the day. It was rich. Since fruitarianism is a part of my faith, it is so fulfilling to see people enjoying the fellowship. They all wanted to do it again next month. i am hoping to invite a few other people too. i believe the home is the best church. It should be a warm place where angels dwell and the spirit of love dominates. That is the way it was yesterday.

i have learned a few things in the past week regarding my fruitarian journey. i would like to share them. First, avocados. i have noticed a change in myself over the last two weeks. At the beginning of this journey i would eat 2-3 per day. Then after several weeks i would eat 1-2 per day. This past week, i ate one. That one left a heaviness in my stomach. My system is getting more sensitive to the richness of the avocado. i still love that fruit. But now i must eat it more sparingly. In reading some others' fruitarian testimony, (specifically kveta's from Mango's site), they have a similar experience. For me, it happened by circumstance. We didn't have the money to buy as many so i didn't eat them. Then when i was able to get some they seemed much heavier on me. i went maybe a week and a half or two weeks without them. The other day, i had one inside my zucchini spaghetti (delicious). Even three hours later, i felt it in the pit of my stomach. For me this means i definitely have to approach them differently now at this stage of my journey. i don't want anyone to get the impression in any way that avocados are bad. They are very good. But for me, at this time and at this place in my journey, i have to be careful. If i eat them at all, i will eat them alone with nothing else. i will limit myself to one, maybe two in a week and see how i feel. But i can see how that the possibility exists that i will not be able to eat them at all. We'll see. That would be too bad because i really love them .

The second lesson i learned is about fruit in the winter. i started this journey around December 16th, 2008. Officially that was the last few days of the fall. It is now March 1 as i am typing this. Basically 19 more days of winter left. i have went thru the brunt of winter, with just fruit. At times i did feel cold, but that was remedied by just dressing warmer. Also, i believe this will prepare me for the summer. i feel that my body will be able to not only withstand greater heat, but probably embrace it. This is important for me because whenever i run in the summer i have a hard time with heat. i end up going out early in the morning or in the evening because of it. i always preferred running in the fall and winter because my head would feel like it was going to explode in the heat. i believe this summer will be different. i very much look forward to finding out. i believe the reason for the change is the lack of salt in my diet. Salt and fat. Prior to now, i ate raw, but i also ate salt and used oil. Now those things are gone. It will be interesting to see.

Saturday's menu:

Breakfast:half a watermelon, half a cantaloupe.

Lunch:i would normally have my non-sweet fruity salad with sauce. But to be honest, my guests destroyed it. i was able to just get a small remnant of it. Just a corner really. i didn't even post it on nutradiary. But my food was watching them enjoy. So i had a feast i did eat one tangerine and three bananas along with two oranges while i was talking to them.

Dinner:Three navel oranges, two tangerines, 450 grams of Durian . Half a watermelon........totally delicious.No exercise today.i wanted to post a picture of my beautiful wife of 25 years. She is 44 days 100% raw now . i am so proud of her. Also what is left of our weekend stash (getting more fruit today).

Grace and Peace be multiplied.


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