Thursday, March 12, 2009

Day 86 100% Fruitarian

Wednesday, Day 86, 100% Fruitarian. Busy day today. Hustling about seeking to do my part to provide for my family. In my daily travels i am blessed to meet varied and interesting types of people. i met a man who worked with placing children in foster and adoptive homes. As we spoke i realized he has seen some pretty ugly things. He seemed hardened by it, so that it did not phase him (apparently). i realized that this was a defense mechanism many people use to deal with the ugly things of life. After beholding so much darkness, in order to continue one must harden themselves. i see it in big city police officers and people that work in the prison system. i realized that, i don't want that. i want to be able to appreciate things for how good or bad they are. Not get so used to the good that i take it for granted or to the bad that my heart is hardened. i met another man that is battling to save his sight. He has had many eye operations. There was so much i wanted to share with him, but i could not. Sometimes we can overwhelm people if we are not careful (which is just as bad if not worse than saying nothing at all). But we had a long and very enjoyable conversation. i hope i was able to be used by the Lord to drop some seeds of hope for him to pick up. Ate very well today. i am so thankful that i am able to eat delicious food like this, it is a great blessing. The majority of the planet, either by choice, deception or poverty, does not enjoy this blessing. i pray to be able to help change that in some small way.

Today's meals:

One watermelon (mini), 6 oranges ...1100 calories.

6 bananas, 4 oranges.....840 Calories

Non-sweet Fruity Salad with mango-banana-avo sauce (i am really feeling avos this past week)......1475 Calories.

Note: i ideally prefer to have the heaviest calorie meal as the middle meal. But because it i have to prepare it, when i am on the road it gets switched. Normally you will notice from previous blogs that i have the non-sweet fruity salad (heaviest meal) in the middle. This is what i prefer for digestion and max energy. .

4 mile powerwalk, 20 minutes of isometric exercises.

Grace and Peace be multiplied.

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