Monday, March 9, 2009

Day 84 100% Raw Fruitarian

Monday, Day 84, 100% Raw Fruitarian. i noticed that over the last two weeks i really have had no taste for sweet fruit salads or smoothies. i really just want the fruit itself. The juicier and sweeter the better. i obtained some minneola oranges yesterday and the rest of my family thinks they are bitter. To me, they are very sweet and very juicy. They were only 50 cents apiece so i bought 15 of them. i had 5 dollars left and i bought ten more today. Last night after i finished my online bible study, i had three of them (along with two navels). Delicious. Also, i am continuing to thoroughly enjoy the watermelon. We are so fortunate in that i am able to get central american watermelons when they are not growing here. Now the season for Virginia (and the southern U.S.) is coming in a couple of months, that will be joyful! My caloric intake has been over 3200 both yesterday and today. i didn't plan it that way, yesterday the durian and the avocado alone added about 800 calories, today it was the bananas. Eating enough calories is very important in the beginning stages of fruitarianism i believe. i had an excellent isometric workout after our powerwalk this morning. i am sore right now, the good kind, the kind that makes one know you reached the muscles involved.

The menu for today was:


one watermelon, 3 minneola oranges.

5 bananas.

Large non-sweet fruity salad with avocado-mango sauce.

Exercise: 4 mile powerwalk, 34 minutes of isometrics.

Grace and Peace be multiplied.


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