Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday, July 30, 2010.....Day 195

Day 195 of the Fruit Feast. Deuteronomy 20:19 ....for the tree of the field is man's life..

i am finding this Bible truth to be more & more real in my own experience. Both now and in times past whenever Fruit has been the predominant food in my life, my energy level and spiritual clarity reach all-time highs. Such is the case now as i am experiencing power surges in my own person. The question mark for me is, how will my muscles react over the long term? In the past i have noticed (both in my own experience as well as the testimony of others), that Fruit appears to really have benefits in terms of endurance. Endurance athletes seem to reach much higher levels of stamina on a Fruit-based diet. i have not seen many examples for those that do mostly strength/resistance training like i do. In fact i have only seen one example, that is a fellow named Richard Blackman. But even he seemed like a smaller guy to me. It will be interesting to see what i look like when i am doing 8000-10,000 push ups per month. i hope to reach the 8000 point in December of this year. In 2006, i tried to bulk up using heavy amounts of nuts but that did nothing but clog my system as i definitely over did it on the nuts. i was also using weights which i think was unnecessary as i am in love with body weight training. i am using nuts and seeds now but much more sparingly. As i am at the six and one half month point of this particular foray into raw, i like how i feel.

As posted earlier, i realize my downfall has been grains. i need to stay away from them and i have weakness for them. i am not surprised having been raised on them (like most Americans). So far, so good but we will see how i handle the Autumn season which is my weakest time. i am getting noticeably stronger as i continue my push up/chin up regiment. i finished this month with 7930 push ups and 1492 chins. This total is an aberration since July had an extra week. Over the last four weeks it was more like 6400/1300 which is still ahead of my own schedule (i planned on being at 6000/1200 for July). My goal for August is to match July's Four week total and then increase for September. i still weigh in at 200lbs mostly because i am using salt but i am fine with that as my overall fitness level is good in my estimation.

The mangoes are excellent right now and i am trying to obtain them whenever i can. i am hoping the quality lasts into September this year. The melons i planted in my garden are not looking too good, but the sweet peppers look good. The jury is still out on the tomatoes. But i have been able to obtain some locally grown melons and tomatoes recently and they are excellent as well. My salads lately have been just cucumber with tomatoes and seeds. The tomatoes are so good i could just eat them alone. Well, that is the report for this week. i pray all who read this receive a blessing.

Sabbath Peace and Grace to all in Christ.

Have a wonderful Weekend!


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