Friday, March 5, 2010

Thursday, March 4.....Day 47

Day 47 of the Fruit Feast. i am just fruity cruisin' right now. Praising my Lord Christ for His Grace (which is offered free to all). i am really into sweets these days, sweet fruits of course. My apologies for missing a day (Wednesday) as it just flew by me. This evening i had some sugar cane. i must do some more research into its benefits but my body is telling me its all good. Sure did bring joy to me this evening. Had a descent workout also, planning to do legs tomorrow.

36oz watermelon-banana-orange smoothie, 4 clementines

Large non-sweet fruit salad (peeled cukes, sweet pepper, several tomatoes) with a sweet sauce made from dates, mango and OJ........the sauce was really good.

Later: Sugar Cane stalk.

Spiritual bread: 1 Sam 11-13, Romans 5-7

Exercise: 250 pushups, 50 chins.

Grace and Peace be multiplied.

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