Monday, March 22, 2010

Monday, March 22, 2010.....Weekend Review of Days 62-64.

Weekend Review of Days 62-64. The past Sabbath was exactly 9 weeks of being 100% Raw Fruitarian. i was expecting some detox at about 8 weeks and when it didn't come i just figured it may take alittle longer. Well, i didn't have to wait that long. Saturday night, my stomach began rumbling. Actually it was in my intestines that i really felt it. By Sunday morning i was doubled over in pain. i eliminated about 5-6 times. After each time i felt like the pain was going lower in my intestinal tract. (Warning: this may get alittle gross).
Then my system seemed to calm down alittle, but i felt like i had been through a fight. i had eaten some longans, 4 clementines and drank some OJ. i had determined to rest easy on Sunday and just ride it out.

Well, then my son called. He said there was alot of guys at the park and they wanted me to come out. i really didn't feel up to it, especially since some of these kids really get up for me, but i was feeling alittle guilty since it was a beautiful day and i wanted to spend some time with my son. So i got dressed and came out. i am glad i did. The running and jumping really helped the detox symptoms. i seemed to get stronger the longer we played. i felt great. i did a few sets of chins and dips between games and we played about 2 hours. i am excited about how it went because i am still rounding into shape and as the weather gets warmer, i will be more fit. Notwithstanding this, once i returned home and showered the pains began again in my intestinal tract. All night i was feeling my abdomen heaving and i was gaseous. i awoke at about 3am with energy and pain at the same time. i fell back to sleep at about 6am and awoke again for family worship at 8am. After worship the gurgling in my intestines got worse and i had to go to the bathroom.

Now this is the nasty part. Yesterday i eliminated so much that i almost clogged the toilet once. It was the same this morning, the only difference was............some of the "stuff" was black. i mean i had seen it so nasty in quite a few years.  i immediately felt great. Light and energetic. i knew i had just gotten rid of something from my intestines that needed to go. i praised the Lord for the fruit and what it was doing in me.

After dealing with that it made me think that i don't want to ever put anything that wasn't raw fruit in my system again. i am looking forward to the continued progress in my person from the Fruitarian Lifestyle. i am again, very, very thankful to have overcome the salt demon as well as the sugar demon. i am sure there will be other mountains to conquer, but i know what the scripture promises:

Romans 8:37 Nay, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us.


Grace and Peace be multiplied.


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