Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sabbath, February 13, 2010.........Day 28

Day 28 of the Fruit Fast. We are spirituality blessed in that every week we have very rich and very sweet fellowship with our brethren. But this Sabbath was even alittle more. The reason was i had this joy inside me for the knowledge that the Lord may have finally freed me from my salt addiction. i mean i know it seems like i am going on and on about it. My apologies for that, but please bear with me. It was to the point where i thought 'well, maybe my body just needs it and i will always have it'. Thinking back to March of 2004, i remember praying silently to the Lord and thinking 'Can You deliver me from sugar and salt?'. i knew it was a tall order because i knew i was totally addicted to both of these things. As i blogged a few days ago, the sugar went first. But here we are, nearly 6 years later, and now the salt is going. i have learned much from this. Very much. But one of the main things is not to try and bring people to where i am and at my pace. i see this in many people both in the religious world and in the raw vegan world. i have found it to be a fanatical spirit. Some read a statement from some authority or another and expect everyone to conform to what they have learned...........immediately; and if people do not agree and conform then the fanatical feel obligated to offer some sort of condemnation. People like that are sad and dangerous indeed.

The process of growth in Grace both in Christ and in the area of health reform is a progressive one. i believe the the diet Christ gave Adam in his sinless state was fruitarian.  i believe the Spirit is leading those that are sincere in heart to that end. But they will get there over the course of years. It takes much time, patience, endurance and perserverance. It takes falling and getting back up. People walking the path of Light in Christ (He is the Light of the World and there is no darkness in Him at all) are not all at the same place on the path. They will be going in the same direction but some are farther along than others. i have learned that i should be patient and forbearing with myself and everyone else as we all must choose the path we will walk. If some choose to walk the same path i am on, then i must respect their pace and their place in that path and be of encouragement to them. If others choose to walk a different path than my own, i must repect their freedom to choose their path. For the God of heaven has given every human freedom to choose what path they want to take. As i see it, fanaticism both in the world of Faith and in raw veganism, have caused more problems, wars, arguments, debates, discouragement and ultimate failure then anything else. i admonish all, avoid it at all costs, both for your own good and the good of others.

But i am indeed, very excited. Today a sister made some raw gourmet onion rings and my wife made some raw pizza. Now usually i can smell the salt in them and it would attract me. But not today. Although i did smell the salt, i was not drawn to it at all. i was perfectly satisfied with what i consumed. Wonderful Saviour!

Today's fare was:
1 mango, 20oz celery-apple juice, Durian.

32oz OJ, Half a watermelon (btw, most watermelons i purchase these days weigh about 10lbs), 1 avocado.

Evening Treat: 32oz OJ.

Spiritual Bread: Romans 4 & 5

Exercise: Faith.

Grace and Peace be multiplied.

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