Tuesday, January 19, 2010

.Tuesday, January 19, 2010...Afternoon

End of Day 3. i usually do not post twice in a day, but that is how today ended up. Interestingly, i ate less today than i did yesterday. i am actually going to seek to eat only 2 solid meals per day. This does not include smoothies and/or juices (even though they are also "meals"). Yesterday i drank two 40oz smoothies and had one solid meal. Today i drank one 55oz smoothie and had one large (for me) solid meal of fruit. The reason i want to try this is because if and when i come off of this fast, i want to remain temperate in my eating habits (even if they are cooked). i noticed a pattern over the six years i have been fasting and going on and off 100% raw. When i eat cooked foods, i begin to overeat and worse yet, to eat late into the night. Especially in times of stress and trial. When people came knocking on my door to take foreclosure pictures of my home, i prayed and ate popcorn late into the night. The praying was good, the popcorn (particularly that late at night) was not. i am seeking this time to use the Fruit fast as a training in proper habits of eating in terms of time by God's grace.

Today's meals were:

55oz smoothie made from watermelon, bananas, OJ and molasses.

7 dried figs, 6 bananas, one avocado and one large organic Fuji apple.

4 sets of chins (28 reps total); 4 sets of pushups (240 total); 2 sets of 5 one leg squats on each leg.

Grace and Peace be multiplied.


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