Monday, August 17, 2009

Weekend Review Days 243 & 244, Fruitarian

Weekend Review, Days 243 & 244, Fruitarian. i am really getting into working out. i don't think its any coincidence that i have been parting of a heavy fruit diet this year and i am feeling like working out often. My wife and my daughters are still doing all raw at this point also. They seem to be doing well as my wife is very good at preparing raw gourmet. i was fortunate to have saved a durian for this past weekend. Delicious food it was and i am still hoping to go to a durian-growing nation one day. Sunday, i was looking at news on the internet, it was about noon. i decided to do a set of pushups every 5 minutes for one hour. That would make 12 total sets. It was quite a workout. i ended up doing 620 pushups in the hour. Not bad. i am hoping to be able to do 1000 by the end of the year. It did wear me out though, as i was not able to do the level of calistenics at the park later that i normally would. But what a pump it gave me! i drank much of fruit smoothies this weekend. On hot days and nights they are ideal. i also ate some non-raw crackers my wife made with some guac and tomatoes. Tasted delicious but sat on my stomach as i fully expected. This also contributed to my lower production at the park later. But i really enjoyed some sandwiches i made with guac, tomatoes and iceburg lettuce (as the bread). i did put a dab of organic ketshup on it. Totally delicious. Here is Sunday's workout:

620 pushups (55 minutes, 12 sets). Later at the park. 36 chins/36 dips/30 tricep presses.

i pray you had a tremendous weekend!!

Grace and Peace be multiplied.


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