Thursday, August 13, 2009

Day 240, Fruitarian

Wednesday, Day 240, Fruitarian. Its been 8 months now. At this point i am not craving anything. But that is probably because salt has been re-introduced to my system. My weight is now at 188lbs. Although i liked it better when i was at 177lbs (psychologically speaking), i feel great right now. My wife is very pleased with how i look also. My mind is so clear that i cannot tell how i even functioned before now. One my nemesis in the past has been bread. i have always been a bread lover. i have had some unleavened crackers my wife has made, but other than that, i have no bread cravings at all. If someone would have told me that i would be satisfied using lettuce leaves as bread prior to now i would have rolled my eyes. But i am very satisfied with that as long as i have something tasty inside (like my wife's raw lentil patties or some guac). There is no doubt i am physically much stronger, more fit and of higher overall health than at any time in my life. i like being strong without being bulky. i am totally in love with bodyweight training. This journey has inspired my family to do raw again, everyone except my son. Stubborn child he is, always insisting on going against the stream (where could he have gotten such a disposition from? LOL). So, while the rest of us are eating fruit for breakfast, he is eating waffles. While we have raw pattie sandwiches for lunch, he is eating pasta with sauce and toast. The thing is, he doesn't eat alot at all (he weighs about 135lbs at about 5'9") and he is very much a vegan. So we all just live and let live. i have been enjoying the summer fruits this year more than ever. Especially the watermelons. Really good and satisfying. i so much look forward to my workouts in the park. i am enjoying working out more than ever before. Been a great ride so far.

Today's meals were:

3/4 of a large watermelon, little bit of Durian. (1164 calories).

5 raw sprouted lential pattie sandwiches with tomatoes and onions. (431 calories).

32oz fruit smoothie and half a mango. (857 calories).

1/4 of large watermelon. (339 calories).

Morning. 300 pushups/50 tri-presses/80 one leg squats.....40 minutes.

Evening: 100 chins/100 bar dips......about an hour.

Grace and Peace be multiplied.


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