Monday, July 13, 2009

Weekend Review Days 207 & 208 100% Fruitarian

Weekend Review of Days 207 & 208 100% Fruitarian. This weekend was strange. First off, it was alittle more stressful than normal. Second, i didn't really exercise (did a lovely 4 mile walk on sunday but as vigorous as my workouts have been i don't count that) and i had a very strong urge to eat dry-roasted, unsalted, in-the-shell, peanuts. i have no idea why except that there was something in them my body needed/wanted. i did indeed end up purchasing a bag of organic peanuts in the shell (unsalted of course) and included them in my weekend fare. Of course they are not raw, not fruit (legumes from what i understand), so not something a fruitarian would include in the diet, but i did eat them. i immediately felt like i just consumed something my body needed and felt more energy. Also, i think i have completely lost my taste for the non-sweet salad as the last one i ate (sunday afternoon), was totally unsatisfying. On the other hand the guac i made with the new seasoning was wonderful. Simple sandwich with the guac, romaine and tomatoes. Really good. i think i ate like 6 of those this weekend. i am still going ga-ga over watermelon, just can't get enough of that. In fact i am loving all melons right now along with mangos.
My wife and i went for a noontime stroll of 4 miles on Sunday. Along the route we found several patches of the most delicious raspberries i ever tasted. i was never a big raspberry lover, but these were out of this world. i think we caught them at their peak. What a blessing that they were growing all over the side of the road. Then we found blackberries the same way. i was full for awhile but was ready for my watermelon by the time we got back home. Then proceeded to lounge for the day and chill. The supermarket mangos are A-list right now as we are in their season here. Nothing like that deep orange color.......Delicious.

So forgive me as i veer into some peanuts at this stage of the journey, but as usual, i am just going with the flow. i mean its weird and i don't know if its the protien, aminos or what because i never considered myself a big peanut eater. But we move on.

Grace and Peace be multiplied.


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