Friday, July 3, 2009

Day 199, 100% Fruitarian

Thursday, Day 199, 100% Fruitarian. (Note: i am blogging this on Friday the day after the events described herein. i will be making note of the results of Thursday's events as well as the events themselves). As i blog these things it is as one who has learned a hard lesson. i checked the scale and found that over the past 48 hours my body has gained 11lbs. Thats Eleven pounds in 2 days! Of course its all water retention from the abundance of olives i have consumed. i was amazed, flabbergasted, surprised and of course disappointed. All i could think was......Wow. It didn't take long to see the affects the salt would have on me. i backed off the scale and turned to the mirror and again was amazed. Large bags had formed under my eyes the likes of which had not been seen in, well at least 6 months. My face looked puffy. It was about 5:45am (Friday morning) when i discovered this. i went back to lay down and think about it, but not before hitting my knees to thank my Heavenly Father for the revelation and ask for Grace to do the right thing with His Temple. Now to be fair about it, i went crazy with the olives, especially the green ones. It was the salt of course. i am not sure if a person were to be moderate with salt what the effects may be, at this point it is painfully obvious, i am not able to be moderate. There is a bible principle for such situations.......

Christ says "If thy right eye offends thee, pluck it out and cast it from thee".

This is me and salt. i must leave it alone, at least for the foreseeable future. i am not a doctor nor do i place much stock in science, but i do not think any reasonable person would conclude that 11lbs of water retention is a good thing. i thought about the 4.5 years i was raw prior to this leg of my journey when i still consumed salt. i rarely got below 188lbs and normally stayed in the 191lbs range. Until now i believed it was my body's "ideal" weight. All that time i was carrying more than 10lbs of excess water. On Wednesday morning i was 177lbs, on Friday morning i weighed 188lbs. i find it mind-blowing, amazing and humbling. i wondered how much water weight the average person is carrying? i also wondered that, if any person just eliminated salt from the diet and kept eating as they normally do, what would happen?

i don't know how long it will take for this water to drain from my system (i hope not long just from a psychological standpoint), but this experience i will indeed not soon forget.

Here is how the day went:

one whole honeydew melon, one mango. (595 calories).

Tomato-cucumber salad with pate and olives (black and green, over 165 grams each). (1013 calories).

Box of grape tomatoes with green olives. (172 calories).

Half a watermelon, 5 mangos. (1350 calories).

116 chins/pullups......35 minutes. Apparently, a large day care (about 60 children) had an outing at the time we came to the park. It was crowded so i was only able to do the chins/pull-ups as the dipping station was occupied. It was fine though, i needed to rest my arms anyways. i intend a full dip/triceps workout tomorrow by God's grace.

Grace and Peace be multiplied.


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