Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Day 184, 100% Raw Fruitarian

Wednesday, Day 184, 100% Raw Fruitarian. Circumstances had me off work today. It was an unexpected day of leisure. i had a workout this morning after family worship. It was a good one as i decided to focus on incline pushups today. Now i call incline pushups, those done with my feet in a chair and my hands on the floor. i combined these with the door-assisted one leg squats. Great workout. Did it on a 30 minute time limit. i wanted to do 300 incline pushups and 200 squats (100 each leg), but halfway through i was whipped and was glad to get done what was done. My fruit supply was meager today and i have none for tomorrow at this point, but i have learned to just flow with these things. If i get no fruit tomorrow, i will just fast on water for the day. i get paid on Friday and will be glad to get a fresh supply of delicious fruit. i forgot to mention in my last blog the 48oz of water i drank. i am simply not used to drinking water after being on this type of diet for 6 months. But i must admit, it appears to be helping the smell of the urine. i don't understand it because my urine was clear continually before this, it just smelled really bad. Its still clear now, it just doesn't smell as bad. Something to be said for drinking fresh water even on a juicy fruit diet. Here is how the meals went:

16 oz of water. Half of a personal watermelon. (339 calories)

16oz of water. tomato-cucumber salad with pate. (584 calories)

16oz of water. Half of a personal watermelon, one banana, one mango. (594 calories).

30 minutes.....240 push-ups, 160 one leg squats (80 each).

60 push-ups (i wanted an even 300 for the day).

i am amazed at how much abdominal work i get done by chins/pull-ups and push-ups (especially with one leg extended, really feel that).

Grace and Peace be multiplied.


  1. I have a question to ask you--did your urine have the same smell before you added in the pate to your daily diet? ... I was guessing that maybe the extra added dense fat source may be accounting for the smell. Not sure--but in general, people on a fruitarian diet do not need to drink extra water..but I'm sure every body is different. :)

  2. Hello anonymous,

    Thanks for your input.

    Actually i have been eating the pate for about 3 weeks. The smell was present for about 6 weeks ago (maybe longer). Also, i have spoken to other fruitarians who have experienced the same thing in terms of the smell at the beginning of their journey. i believe its just part of the detox process and in time it will pass. The water is helping at this time. It may be that, the future that will change. i am absoulutely sure that things will change, but in what way remains to be seen.

    Grace and Peace be multiplied.