Monday, June 15, 2009

Day 181, 100% Raw Fruitarian

Sunday, Day 181, 100% Raw Fruitarian. It was a nice quiet and restful weekend. Today was yea good cap to it. Now this marks officially the 6 month point of this fruitarian journey for me. i feel great. The salt cravings are still there but greatly diminished. Many changes are going on inside my temple which appear to be continous in scope. i am still getting small bouts of detox on and off (which i expect to continue). More and more, my thoughts and my mind in general, become clearer and clearer. i am getting more out of my Bible and its limitless treasures than ever in my life. i weigh 177lbs right now (down about 18 pounds from where i started). i have not been this weight since i got married 25 years ago. As i have previously blogged, i am feeling many times more athletic than i have in decades. i am feeling closer to the Spirit of the God of Heaven than ever in my walk with the Lord. Its a closeness i am determined not to lose because of its comfort to me (especially during trying times when i am in straightened places).

i have not yet given up the idea of using salt but i want to see where i am in 6 months. i do believe its a necessary thing as the Bible says "Salt is good". But i also believe i have abused it for most of my life, so therefore need this year away from it. The addition of table salt to the high concentrations of it in processed foods that i partook of regularly at one time was damaging to my temple. So, again i say, i will take a wait and see attitude with it. Today i played basketball for 3 hours. That was a very good workout in itself, but afterwards i did 53 chins/pull-ups before leaving the park. Felt great. i neglected to bring my gloves with me or i probably would have done alittle more ( i hate callouses on my hands).

On the urine front, my wife has been after me to drink water. She really believes the cat-like urine smell in my stream will be eliminated by doing this. i reluctantly agreed to try it for a week. So today, prior to each meal, i drank a 16oz glass of water. We'll see what happens. What i did notice is i didn't eat as much and my caloric intake was way down as you will see below. Here is how it played out today:

16oz of water. Half of a small watermelon, 4 valencia oranges. (644 calories).

16oz of water. one mango, cucumber-tomato salad with pate. (718 calories).

mango (135 calories)

16oz of water. 2 mangos, 5 valencia oranges. (566 calories)

Grace and Peace be multiplied.

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