Monday, May 4, 2009

Weekend Review Days 138 & 139 Raw Fruitarian

Weekend Review of Days 138 & 139, 100% Raw Fruitarian. Very nice weekend. Friends, fellowship, worship and good food. Can't beat that. i got no exercise at all, but i did feel alittle tired anyways. i was going to workout on sunday, but it was raining most of the day and then i over ate on durian. Well the truth is, i ate a large non-sweet fruity salad and followed it up with alot of durian. i probably should have skipped the salad, so it really wasn't the durian's fault. i posted a picture of the salad. It was delicious. i have been having a strange aftertaste in my system for the last few days though. i can't quite describe it except is has a little bit of a metal taste. i noticed it as i have increased my intake of tomatoes. Although i am not sure what it is. So i will not eat tomatoes for a day or two just to test it and see what happens. But i did thoroughly enjoy that salad on sunday.

i didn't have any durian on saturday, but i did have plenty of valencia oranges (maybe 14-16 of them) and delicious mangos. i am watching sadly as my case of valencias is quickly disappearing. But i am very much enjoying them, after all they are not here to do anything but be eaten....LOL.

But they are a beautiful looking fruit to me. Our Bible studies on the prophecies of Revelation and their relevance to these times is going very well also. People are learning and growing spiritually which is one of the points of the exercise. This coming weekend is our next Raw potluck and we are looking forward to that as are some of our scheduled guests. Should be a great blessing.

Hope you had a nice weekend.

Grace and Peace be multiplied.


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