Friday, May 29, 2009

Day 164, 100% Raw Fruitarian

Thursday, Day 164, 100% Raw Fruitarian. i really perfected the unsalted almond pate. All i really did was tweek it alittle by not putting in the tomato and adding alittle cumin. That did it. It was delicious. Again it was so good that i ate it twice today. i took a picture of the finished non-sweet salad to show how big a meal it is when compared to a regular serving. Yet the whole thing including the pate is only about 500 calories.
The Lord is good as not only did i eat well today (including some durian pods), but i had one terrifice workout. What i did was make use of door handles in doing my one-legged squats. i didn't feel i was getting low enough. Prior to now i wasn't able to get any lower. Now i can with some assistance. i hold onto the two handles of a door with one leg perpendicular (straight out in front of me). Then i simply squat with one leg gettng my butt as close to the floor as i can. i am typing this the day after and my quads are still wiped out. i love it! The goal is to develop to the point where i can get that low without the door. It will come and it will not take that long. On this diet my body seems to be adapting quickly to new stress. i was only able to do 42 of them (7 sets of 6 each leg), whereas i normally do between 60-120. But these were much higher quality, which to me is very important. i also did 140 chins, which is a one workout record for me. Here are today's activities:
Non-sweet fruity salad (pictured) with almond pate. (517 calories).
Repeat from breakfast. (517 calories).
7 valencia oranges (delicious), box of durian (more delicious). (1003 calories).
40 minutes.....140 chins....42 one legged squats.
Grace and Peace be multiplied.


  1. Are you using unpasteurized almonds? All almonds labeled raw, organic, from California, even those sold at whole foods, have to be pasteurized by law.

  2. i actually don't bother worrying if they are pasteurized or not. As long as they are not labeled as roasted they are fine with me. i have heard all the hype and arguments about the almonds.....i really don't concern myself with it at all. i suppose these i get are pasteurized but i am not the least concerned about it.