Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Day 162, 100% Raw Fruitarian

Tuesday, Day 162, 100% Raw Fruitarian. Very interesting day today. But before i get into that, my apologies for missing some journal days. Truth is i wanted some time away from the computer and since yesterday was Memorial Day, i took some time with my wife and children. It was very nice. The only exercise i got in was about an hour of basketball with my son and some young fellows. Something really funny about when i play basketball. There is the Park and Rec gentleman that supervises the park. Nice guy, about 65 years old. Whenever he sees me coming to play he comes to the court and starts yelling "the old man is going to put a hurtin' on you boys!". He has done it so often that all the young guys now call me "Old man". i actually like it. Its shows the kids accept me. Plus the park and rec guy is right, this old man does put a hurtin' on 'em....LOL. Today, i discovered something interesting. i always knew that vegetables for the most part are much lighter in calories than fruit. Fruit is much denser and has much more natural sugars in it. But i think of tomatoes and cucumber as fruit too. i have been eating these large bowls of mostly chopped tomatoes and cukes. Today i added some almond pate (by the way, came out great this time and no salt), as a change of pace from the avocado. It was totally delicious. i actually at this for breakfast. It was so good, i ate it again for lunch. Thing is, i felt totally satisfied and full, but when i plugged in the calories, it didn't amount to much. i came home and had a fairly monstrous workout and i ate half a watermelon afterwards. So i realized i could basically eat a ton of tomatoes (which, when they are nice, i probably could) and it won't amount to many calories, yet i wouldn't feel deprived. i found that interesting. Here are the details:

5 tablespoons of almond pate with non-sweet salad. The pate was made of:
1/3 cup of walnuts, 1/3 cup of almonds
cayenne pepper, dill weed, basil, half the juice of half a lemon, curry, 1/3 of a sweet onion, one orange sweet bell pepper, one half a tomato, 2 stalks of celery. It made alot of pate. i also had this for lunch and of course have leftovers for tomorrow.

i didn't measure anything, sorry about that. i just add stuff and taste it. i put all that in the food processor and pulsed it until it was the desired consistency.

The salad had: 2.5 tomatoes, 1.5 large english cucumbers, 1/2 onion. i added basil, curry and cayenne to it then put in the pate.

(565 calories)

Lunch: ditto. (565 calories).

one leftover piece of durian, half a watermelon. (825 calories).

40 minutes......400 pushups, 120 one legged squats each leg.

Grace and peace be multiplied.

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