Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Day 133, 100% Raw Fruitarian

Monday, Day 133, 100% Raw Fruitarian. Felt nice and sore today. My triceps, lat muscles and biceps. Felt nice, the muscles really got in a good workout yesterday between the chins, dips, pull-ups and basketball. i ate well today. Had some durian, watermelon and mango. Can't get better than that. i didn't workout today as i wanted to let my body recover. i am leaning towards focusing on legs tomorrow with the one-legged squats. My abdominals are really sore today. i am finding that just by doing the bodyweight exercises that my abs are getting intense workouts without direct work. That and the diet of course. Things are not easy financially, yet i am extremely blessed. i praise my Father in Heaven and my Lord Christ for this.

Today's meals were as follows.

2 mangos, 4 bananas (753 calories)

Non-sweet fruit salad made with 2 large tomatoes, one avocado, one large cucumber. i sprinkled cayenne, basil, curry and a pinch of oregano on it. Then i put my banana-avocado sauce over it. It was very tasty. i also ate a mango while it was being prepared. (1230 calories).

half a large watermelon (678 calories)

box of frozen durian pods (588 calories).

Exercise: none.

Grace and Peace be multiplied.


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