Friday, April 3, 2009

Day 108, 100% Raw Fruitarian

Thursday, Day 108, 100% Raw Fruitarian. Today was an avocado day. i ate three of them today. i had one in my lunch (half in my sauce, half in my salad), then two more for dinner. i felt no ill effects at all and they were extremely satisfying. i like them when they are somewhat firm but have some give to them. They are very creamy and have a slight nutty flavor. Delicious. i have not gotten to the point where i totally understand how they work in my system yet. Sometimes they feel heavy and other times they don't. i did notice that today, i ate two of them alone on an empty stomach, then followed them up with 3 tangerines and 2 navel oranges. Maybe that was why i had no issues, the order in which i ate them.....i don't know. But they were very good. i also had a very good workout today, attempting one armed pushups for the first time in my life. Interesting indeed. Here was today's menu:

3 tangerines, 2 mangos, 3 bananas. (740 calories)

Non-sweet fruity salad with banana-avocado sauce. (1289 calories)

2 avocados, 3 tangerines, 2 navel oranges. (849 calories).

16 one armed pushups, 32 hand-clap pushups, 50 regular pushups, 3 sets of 2 minutes in a horse stance. took about 25 minutes.

Grace and Peace be multiplied.


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