Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Day 93, 100% Raw Fruitarian

Wednesday, Day 93, 100% Raw Fruitarian. Over the last three days, if you have been reading my blog, take note....this is how NOT to be a successful Fruitarian. What you are witnessing is a man who is determined to stay Fruitarian no matter how empty his pockets are at the moment. Its challenging but sometimes i just laugh because of what i do to get the fruit. Yesterday for example i was in a clients home, she said she was about to eat lunch and asked if i minded and i said no. She then began to offer me something to eat, from her kitchen table i spotted two bananas and within seconds i was enjoying them....LOL. Then last night i was in another clients home in front of a bunch of bananas. The client reached for some and offered me some, of course i obliged. So yesterday i got four bananas out of five from friendly people. Today, i had a morning appointment with a referral. The man led me into his home and told me to take the most rcomfortable chair in the living room. Then he gave me two very delicious navel oranges. The person that referred me told him i was a fruitarian so he thought i may like that. He was right. So its been like that over the last three days. i am not in a tropical area where stuff grows wild nor is it summer when i may be able to get some fruit from here, but i am surviving. So do not take my caloric intake to mean i am just reducing my calories purposely, i am not. If you are thinking about doing this lifestyle, in the beginning especially, make sure you have plenty of fruit. Enough to at least equal what your normal caloric intake would be, if not more. Here is today's menu.


2 navel oranges. (137 calories)


3 tangerines, one banana. (261 calories)


small non-sweet fruity salad with banana-tangerine sauce. Delicious. (635 calories).

exercise: none yet, but i am planning on about 20 minutes of isometrics tonight.

Grace and Peace be multiplied.


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