Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Day 78, 100% Fruitarian

Tuesday, Day 78, 100% Fruitarian. i ate very well today. i learned also that when it comes to my own body, i still have alot to learn. A few days ago i posted a reaction i had from an avocado i had eaten. i thought that, because of how it was heavy on my stomach, that i would probably end up not using them as much in the future. Then came the situation where we found ourselves with more avocado then we anticipated. Being that i am one who thinks it nearly sacriligious to waste any fruit, found myself having one per day over the last three days. No issues, heaviness or other ill feelings to report. So how much i know...lol.

My meals today were as follows.

1.5 watermelons.

Delicious neutral fruity salad with pineapple and papaya along with non-sweet fruits tomato, cucumber, celery and raisins. i made a sauce from pineapple and mango that was outstanding. It was so rich and creamy that i used it as a soup (i put red pepper in it) as it was a cold day. i added an avocado and a plantain to it ......totally Delicious.

3 honey tangerines, 2 navel oranges.

3 sets of pushups......thats all i have had time for recently.

Grace and Peace be multiplied.


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